CESEW response to the Supreme Court Ruling in relation to admission to a Jewish school


I am very disappointed at today’s ruling in which a secular body, i.e. the Supreme Court, is deciding on the matter of membership of a faith group for the purposes of schools’ admissions. What constitutes membership of a faith group or a religious denomination should be a matter for that faith or denomination to determine. That any other authority should deem to do this in place of the faith group, or for a body outside the faith group to claim that its decision as to what constitutes membership has priority, is a sad and undermining state of affairs.

It is important whilst noting our sympathy for our Jewish brothers and sisters, to remind that the judgment should not impact on Catholic schools. This is because the definition of being Catholic is clearly based on baptism and not on any ethnic or other factors.

We will continue to keep this situation under close review.

Oona Stannard
Chief Executive and Director
Catholic Education Service for England and Wales