Luke In Easter - Luke 24:28-33

24/04/2019 11:37 am

For the final five podcasts 'Reading Luke in Lent' becomes 'Reading Luke in Easter' for Easter Week. Today we read Luke, Chapter 24: 27-33.

At the last supper Jesus gave his disciples the Eucharist as a way of being present to his disciples. There he took the bread, blessed it, broke it and give it to them. Here the disciples recognise that they are in the presence of Jesus, that the guest has become the host. The phrase ‘their eyes were opened’ reaches back to the beginning of the bible when Adam and Eve recognise what they have done. Here the disciples see redemption.

This passage began with the two disciples talking to one another in fear and despondency now they wish to share their joy.

'Reading Luke in Easter' concludes our series of simple podcasts offering daily readings from St Luke that cover the Gospel from start to finish - from Ash Wednesday to the first week of Easter.


Download the text for the reading here: Luke 24:28-33 44.87 kB


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